Monday, January 25, 2016

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Your central air conditioning system needs to be maintained regularly not only for your comfort, but safety and efficiency. It is an expensive system and contains several components, using a significant amount of energy. It not only cools, but dehumidifies and filters your air.

Air Filter

The air filter should be replaced or washed, according to the manufacturer's instructions. A dirty filter causes the fan motor to work harder, consuming more energy and life. Making sure the filter is always clean will help provide relief to any allergy sufferers in your home. These filters can require changing or cleaning monthly during the heavy air conditioning season.

Professional Cleaning & Inspection

Other parts of your air conditioning system need to be cleaned and checked such as the water drain, the outside condenser unit. Call a professional before air conditioning season to perform a full cleaning and inspection.
You can help by removing the leaves and debris from the outside of the condenser unit. Push debris away from the fins, not into them. You can even get a special tool called a fin comb to straighten and clean them.


You can purchase a cover for your unit at the local hardware store or make one out of trash bags or a drop cloth and duct tape. This will keep debris out of your unit. You should put the cover on after air conditioning season ends. Turn the outside electrical switch to "off" when the cover is on and then turn the switch back to "on" when the cover is removed before air conditioning season starts.


Make sure your registers are not blocked by furniture, carpets or drapes.


You may want to have your ductwork cleaned professionally, especially if you see debris, insects and other blockages in it. This can increase the efficiency and life of your system and clean the air in your home.
If your home is equipped with a central air conditioning system you may have noticed a drain line on the outside dripping water near the air conditioner. This line drains condensation from the inside air handler to the outside. If this line clogs (usually from algae) it can cause water damage inside the house. You can prevent a clog by simply pouring a cup of household bleach into the line from the inside. To remove a clog once it has occurred, attach a wet/dry vacuum to the drain line outside (removing the paper filter first) and suck the clog out.

Ceiling or Wall Leaks

Make sure your drain line is clean and free of debris.

Energy Savings Idea

Create shade (that doesn't add debris) for your unit and increase efficiency and life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Benefits of a Yearly Maintenance

Yearly A/C maintenance is a very cost-effective way to improve your comfort and save some money. An HVAC system not maintaned properly will work harder and develop problems that significantly reduce comfort inside the house and increase energy consumption.
Mr Rogers recommends Preventive Maintenance Contracts that include at least two visits a year from a technician in accordance with  maintenance standards. A preventitve maintenance visit should include
  • An inspection of your air conditioning equipment and unit system elements to identify any defective parts that cause the unit to don't operate safely within its specifications and features.
  • A detailed report on any needed corrections and findings in the unit.
  • A report of tests performed such as pressure test, temperature test, superheat and subcool test.
  • The detailed breakdown of prices if any repair is neccesary
  • A detailed list of work performed: items that were inspected, cleaned, repaired, or replaced.
In most cases during  preventative maintenance an ac technician can find items causing the unit to not run at its peak performance, causing a accelerated wear and overconsumption, noticing this in your electric bill.

Source: Mr Rogers Air Conditioning

Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome Mr Rogers Ac Service to Tampa Bay Are

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Mr Rogers Air Conditioning Services can help you keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Are you ready to replace your old air conditioning and heating system and install a new one with the latest technology in energy efficient systems?Now is the time to ask Mr Rogers Air Conditioning and Heating what’s the best option for you house. Take advantage of the special offers and get great savings with Mr Rogers Air Conditioning Services and Sales.
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We all know how hot Florida can be during summer. And not having a good air conditioning during these long months could be a really bad experience. Air conditioning has become an essential part of life for most of us, and that's why Mr Rogers Air Conditioning Services is here to please your needs in air conditioning cooling or heating. When your air conditioner stops working, living with the heat is not only uncomfortable, it can be life-threatening. The same is true when the weather turns cold.
Mr Rogers Air Conditioning can help you with any heating and cooling issues, including:
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Heat Pumps
  • Air Purification
  • Freon Leaks
  • Air Flow Balancing
  • Duct Leaks
  • Rooms not cooling
  • High Electric Bills
  • House not cool enough
  • Noisy Equipment
  • A/C Blowing Warm Air
  • Dust & Allergy
  • Broken Thermostats
  • Any other Problem

Why you should pick Mr Rogers Air Conditioning to service your A/C units:
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  2. Technicians have regular meetings for training and discussions.
  3. Fully insured and certified technicians.
  4. Stocked trucks to ensure your system will be up and running in no time.
  5. Each hired technician is evaluated to make sure they provide clean and outstanding service.
  6. Up-Front pricing so that there would be no surprises or hidden fees.
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